Monday, April 25, 2011

Yeay !

huhh...what a tiring day i've been through today. woke up 6 in the morning, then rushing to the driving centre, then going for work. syokk belajar kereta, so pasni, just waiting for JPJ test ! yuuhuuu... ermm, everything at work place seems to be fine to me now since I'm not getting involve with them anymore.I mean, Im just doing my work n go back when its end, simply and smooth. and of coz I wont talk to my SV anymore. i hate him cos he fucked all the things. tu lah masalah nyer bila org da lupa diri n gila kuasa. hmm lantak lah, i dont care anymore. n simply say, Im happier with my life now. everything fine! plus i just received a text from someone that I really really miss damn so much..its my bestfriend! EKIN. i thought she will never find me anymore after we had a lil fight last month. my heart was totally blooming when she sent a text and say she miss me and really hope we can hang out together. hihi. happiness around me now~ ^.^

and yeah..1 more thing. Seems like I already forgot him ! thank God. so now, im not interested to anyone. fact, I dont have any feeling toward everyone. its kinda weird but its okay. its good for me. so after this, im not going to looking for a boyfriend anymore,im straightly want to find my future husband..hihi.. menggelabah?? so what?? ^.^

and now, im getting more closer to my Mr.Aidiel. abg angkat shaye ^.^ sweet ! we spending our time together. giler2 gak dia, lg2 mase kitorang masuk Harvey Norman hr tu. eh, lebih2 lak dia ^.^

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