Monday, April 25, 2011

Yeay !

huhh...what a tiring day i've been through today. woke up 6 in the morning, then rushing to the driving centre, then going for work. syokk belajar kereta, so pasni, just waiting for JPJ test ! yuuhuuu... ermm, everything at work place seems to be fine to me now since I'm not getting involve with them anymore.I mean, Im just doing my work n go back when its end, simply and smooth. and of coz I wont talk to my SV anymore. i hate him cos he fucked all the things. tu lah masalah nyer bila org da lupa diri n gila kuasa. hmm lantak lah, i dont care anymore. n simply say, Im happier with my life now. everything fine! plus i just received a text from someone that I really really miss damn so much..its my bestfriend! EKIN. i thought she will never find me anymore after we had a lil fight last month. my heart was totally blooming when she sent a text and say she miss me and really hope we can hang out together. hihi. happiness around me now~ ^.^

and yeah..1 more thing. Seems like I already forgot him ! thank God. so now, im not interested to anyone. fact, I dont have any feeling toward everyone. its kinda weird but its okay. its good for me. so after this, im not going to looking for a boyfriend anymore,im straightly want to find my future husband..hihi.. menggelabah?? so what?? ^.^

and now, im getting more closer to my Mr.Aidiel. abg angkat shaye ^.^ sweet ! we spending our time together. giler2 gak dia, lg2 mase kitorang masuk Harvey Norman hr tu. eh, lebih2 lak dia ^.^

Thursday, April 21, 2011

its called life

Why life is being cruel to me? why it is so hard? I cant face it all alone..all I want to do now, escape myself from that hell as soon as possible, start a new life, forget everything that bothering me all this time, meet a new people, make a new friends, away from people around me now..forget all the things!!
life is not fucking easily. I need someone that can motivated me right now, someone who can gives me some positives words so that I could stand and face all this challenges. Seriously, I cant bear anymore. Its killin' me inside. I gotta be strong.
"God didn't promise day without pain, laugher without sorrow, sun without rain,
BUT He did promise strength for the day, comfort for the tears and light for the way.."

"Dont worry, its just a hurt..thats all.."

"Just stay strong.."

Monday, April 18, 2011

Enjoy ^.^

Gosh! I cant sleep! what i supposed to do right now?? LOL, i've already shut down my lappy about an hour ago, and i try to sleep but i cant! haisshh..there's a lot of thing on my mind. haiiyoo......tadi text ngan abang angkat, but suddenly he's gone. (??) tertidur kot. huhu.. gahh bored to death here. okay2, since i cant sleep, so let me update something here..hihi.. erm..2 days ago,I went to 'Tanjung Harapan" with my friends..its TANJUNG HARAPAN okay, not TANJUNG RAMBUTAN..N yeah we are having some fun, releasing our tension of working n wat so eva at the beach! totally awesome yaw. hahahh. its been a long time Im not going there so its feel like reborn..(??) hahah..

All of us + Farhana
sorry Fana, u are not in this picx..huhuhh..
err..aku x tau la pasal ape aku cam nih..hahahh..
cam terencat..kah3
pantai !

And yeay!! Next week, Abang angkat Nisa nk bawak g sini lg! bestnyerrr...... thanks Mr.Aidil.. cant wait!
hahh yah, talk about just spend my time with him just now. we had a long long long conversation at mamak stall. jadi la kan.. its pretty cool. yela..we've never been like that before. i mean, im were being his adopt in about 5 years n we never get chance to talk face to face like we did tonight. hahahh..
here u are! Mr.Aidil
oppss,,sengaja x mau tunjuk muka..karang x pasal2 pemes plak dia..hahahh..

so now, its almost 3 am. i have to get wake up earlier tomorrow. got so much things to do tomorrow..from morning to night..huwaaa..... tapi mata ni macam xde menunjukkan tanda2 nak tidur....haiiyyoo.. =,='

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lil secret

Something bothering my mind and i keep thinking about that
no one know what was that
and im not going to tell anyone about it, its not because im not trust anyone
just because no one will understand me
no one know how it felt was
im hiding my sadness 


I've been gone through this week ! alhamdulillah..everything seem fine, i accepted all things with open heart although I'm still not satisfied deep inside my heart. But I enjoy doing a new thing and yeah its not that bad than I thought before. now..there's only one thing that really make me sad + confused..and im piss off ! huhh..

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dia okay, aku??

Im a moron, thinking bout him all day while he does not take a point of me

Things getting better

Alhamdulillah..thanks God I managed to face all the things that really make me upset before this. Hahahh its not too hard or emm maybe it is just a begining?? dont know, but for me evrything just fine now eventhough thre's still have something make me piss off. nevermind........let it be....
really need it whatever situation it is
especially when upset surrounds me
things would be more easier n calm with it

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Its almost 4 in the morning n I cant sleep! I dont go for work today. U know, it make me sick! gahh..but i still have to go to work tomorrow. bloody hell! everything fucked up n i hate that. so today, i just stay at home, wasting my time infront of lappy with the internet stuff, facebook, blog n of cos youtube. i spent almost my time for watching vid of AnwarHadi. the guy tht I adore so much..hahahh!then, i met my friend, having a chat, went for the shopping (its not really shopping), supper and yeah something bothering me when they start mention his name. ohh God..whats wrong with me?! im such a moron. why is he always be in my mind. why I should think about him? why on the earth i know him? i am tired of feeling worthless..while he does not take any point of me. huhh. oky enough, lets forget about it. im just really worried about tomorrow. how my life would be tomorrow. i maybe escape it today, but not tomorrow, not forever right? i have to face it not run from it. hahh yeah talking is more easier than acting..hmm..
*sigh im going to take a glass of water, then go to bed, close my eye, dreaming and forget all the rubbish and wish everything is going as i till then folks..daaa


I miss u, Ekin

For Ekin, i know i've been hurting am I..i was hurt,i was angry too. everytime I think about u, there's always been a tears came along..I miss u, I miss our friendship..lets just forget that thing that separating us.
i dont care if u wont believe me anymore, i just want u to know about how my felt was.
its up to u after this


Monday, April 11, 2011


i had a really bad day yesterday! huhh..everything was totally suck! the worst thing is,when i on my work! guess what, start from this week,i've been transfered to another department. shits! i hate that. i mean, why it is me?? why it is not the other person?? its really make me pissed off.  i feel like i want to quit as soon as possible. i cant cope with it. with all fucking stuff there. hermm k fine, i following ur way..but remember fool, i will never keep my head down.i'll give a shit! huhh.. n there's another thing, its about a crazy guys. I thought he's not going to bother me anymore after a word i gave him. but i was completely wrong! n yesterday, again he's waiting me at my motocycle. fuck! n he locked up my bike with his bike. bodoh lahh!!! luckily i with my friend at that time, so she called her boyfriend and her boyfriend came along with his friends. huhh what a relief....they sent me home.. lucky is on my side but u know x kan la hari2 dorg nak anta nisa balik?? adoii.....
n today,i have to start my work at new department. huhh..things arent the same and some of it might be hard for me. gahhh i really dont want to do thissss! somebody help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 8, 2011


Hye hello fellow.. huhh its raining outside and yeah i was totally boring right now. im just dont know what to do now since my broadband line was complete sucks! Im just in my mood for blogging so let me just drown with my a bit tension in this few days. my whole body aches from tension and I know it is seriously bad for my health. hahh yeah thats creepy when im say about health, i dont even think bout that before. lately, there's a sort of thing that always play around in my mind and its completely mess! its about "DIA". gahh  i dont know whats wrong with that guy. I mean like he's seriously trying to avoiding himself from me, from all of us. he just full of excuses now. when we ask to join us in something, he must be saying like this, " sorry, ive got something to do now, so maybe later.." or "im sorry, i cant join u all now, im run out of money bla..bla..bla.." and what so ever! u know I hate that..he's changed a lot! i mean it ! he now even dare to not replying my messages..huhh that too much. I hate when i sent a text to someone and i dont get response to it..shit! i really miss the moment when we were being a friend. a true friend. BFF.. we always hanging out when we're free,spending a few hours at mamak stall,watching movie together on offday, talking creepy bout something, talking bad bout work,talking nonsense bout our boss and we always got a plan to do thing together. but now everything changed. he dont even find me anymore. totally sad ! he dont bother to call me anyway, he dont bother to text me, he dont bother to find me and ask is everything fine to me. why?? could u please tell me what wrong with u?? what is the fucking thing that makes u became like this?? huhh..and yeah everyone see me outwardly calm, smiling at everyone and even chatting but inside i'm all unsettled and confused ! I miss him, I really do. he was a really good friend of mine. I meant it. just a friend! i dont ever think bout love between us. i do really love him as a friend and i wish we could gathering together someday..Aminn..
im pretty sure that he's not going to read this ^.^ but if he read this someday,i want to tell him this.."dude,u've changed n i hate that.pliss back to the old one like the first time i met u. LOLX.."
Im just like a crazy moron that always think bout u even though i know
u dont ever think about me even just a bit

Saturday, April 2, 2011


well~~ this is the time i have to make a decision..
gahh..i hate when i have to choose! 
hah but this is what we called life, complicated life..
I've already checked at each university what course are most suitable for me base on my SPM result
yeah..that it is..TESL !!
i love TESL !! i love english !
TESL is stand for "Teaching English as Secondary Language"
haha..semua U nisa layak dapat cos ni
since I got A for my English..
i really want to learn english deeply, so that i wish i could speak in english more fluently 
so probably, i'm going to take TESL ^.^

but hmm..on the other hand, I was thinking to take Bank Management course
I love this course too instead of TESL..
hmm so how?? 
TESL or Bank Management??
 argh..headache! kinda sleepy right eye were sore, my back were aching..
and i feel like crazy dumb ass in front of my lappy
gotta to wake up earlier tomorrow for work and was about going for movie at the night with friend
so i better get sleep now, get some rest, gain some energy for tomorrow
huh..but as usual before I get on my bed,i gonna read my english novel first
"Can You Keep a Secret by Sophie Kinsella"
very hilarious! ^.^
this novel has been given by someone for my birthday present.. ^.^
i'll show u the novel..tadaaaa!!

and yeah..since I've got my salary for this month,I was going about to buy another novel
another delicious good tale from Sophie Kinsella! taadaa! 

so, till then yups..daaaaaaa ^.^

Friday, April 1, 2011

make some changes, but how??

I wanna make some changes to myself..hahah!
ngarott jeh! mmg nk pon..
yelaa..since I already 18 years old, i was just thinking that I should change my appearance
haha..but Nisa x taw ape yang patot di tukar.. ^.^
yela..x kan la da 18 tahun nk dress up cam budak2 lg kn..
tringin gak nak dress up yang ranggi2 cam Yuna ke, ataupon yang ayu2 cam Heliza Helmi ke
awww....that must be sweet..hahah! 
but I just dont know how..... =.='
forget it Nisa! u were nothing!
hmm~ sebelum chow, nk tepek2 gambar Nisa lu..yoohoo..!

thats me and there's nothing interesting bout me ^.^
just ordinary girl

crushed???? =.='

*sigh hmmm~~
I love my friendship, I do appreciate that
but I hate when friendship has turned into crush
I mean, its like uncomfortable anymore..
I love to be friend with anyone, but JUST a FRIEND okay?
tapi knapa lama2, kawan tu tbe2 jatuh hati plak ngan kite??!
sedangkan kite just anggap dia kawan je
not more and not less than that..
Im really not interested with anyone..seriously..
Im not interested for any serious relationship
Im not interested to have any partner now..
and now i feel really uncomfortable since I knew he started to have a feelings toward me
what should I do??!! getting away from him???! 
i hate when things end up like this *sigh =.=

this is so me

yeah..this is soooo me..