Friday, April 1, 2011

crushed???? =.='

*sigh hmmm~~
I love my friendship, I do appreciate that
but I hate when friendship has turned into crush
I mean, its like uncomfortable anymore..
I love to be friend with anyone, but JUST a FRIEND okay?
tapi knapa lama2, kawan tu tbe2 jatuh hati plak ngan kite??!
sedangkan kite just anggap dia kawan je
not more and not less than that..
Im really not interested with anyone..seriously..
Im not interested for any serious relationship
Im not interested to have any partner now..
and now i feel really uncomfortable since I knew he started to have a feelings toward me
what should I do??!! getting away from him???! 
i hate when things end up like this *sigh =.=

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