Monday, April 18, 2011

Enjoy ^.^

Gosh! I cant sleep! what i supposed to do right now?? LOL, i've already shut down my lappy about an hour ago, and i try to sleep but i cant! haisshh..there's a lot of thing on my mind. haiiyoo......tadi text ngan abang angkat, but suddenly he's gone. (??) tertidur kot. huhu.. gahh bored to death here. okay2, since i cant sleep, so let me update something here..hihi.. erm..2 days ago,I went to 'Tanjung Harapan" with my friends..its TANJUNG HARAPAN okay, not TANJUNG RAMBUTAN..N yeah we are having some fun, releasing our tension of working n wat so eva at the beach! totally awesome yaw. hahahh. its been a long time Im not going there so its feel like reborn..(??) hahah..

All of us + Farhana
sorry Fana, u are not in this picx..huhuhh..
err..aku x tau la pasal ape aku cam nih..hahahh..
cam terencat..kah3
pantai !

And yeay!! Next week, Abang angkat Nisa nk bawak g sini lg! bestnyerrr...... thanks Mr.Aidil.. cant wait!
hahh yah, talk about just spend my time with him just now. we had a long long long conversation at mamak stall. jadi la kan.. its pretty cool. yela..we've never been like that before. i mean, im were being his adopt in about 5 years n we never get chance to talk face to face like we did tonight. hahahh..
here u are! Mr.Aidil
oppss,,sengaja x mau tunjuk muka..karang x pasal2 pemes plak dia..hahahh..

so now, its almost 3 am. i have to get wake up earlier tomorrow. got so much things to do tomorrow..from morning to night..huwaaa..... tapi mata ni macam xde menunjukkan tanda2 nak tidur....haiiyyoo.. =,='

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