Monday, April 11, 2011


i had a really bad day yesterday! huhh..everything was totally suck! the worst thing is,when i on my work! guess what, start from this week,i've been transfered to another department. shits! i hate that. i mean, why it is me?? why it is not the other person?? its really make me pissed off.  i feel like i want to quit as soon as possible. i cant cope with it. with all fucking stuff there. hermm k fine, i following ur way..but remember fool, i will never keep my head down.i'll give a shit! huhh.. n there's another thing, its about a crazy guys. I thought he's not going to bother me anymore after a word i gave him. but i was completely wrong! n yesterday, again he's waiting me at my motocycle. fuck! n he locked up my bike with his bike. bodoh lahh!!! luckily i with my friend at that time, so she called her boyfriend and her boyfriend came along with his friends. huhh what a relief....they sent me home.. lucky is on my side but u know x kan la hari2 dorg nak anta nisa balik?? adoii.....
n today,i have to start my work at new department. huhh..things arent the same and some of it might be hard for me. gahhh i really dont want to do thissss! somebody help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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