Friday, April 8, 2011


Hye hello fellow.. huhh its raining outside and yeah i was totally boring right now. im just dont know what to do now since my broadband line was complete sucks! Im just in my mood for blogging so let me just drown with my a bit tension in this few days. my whole body aches from tension and I know it is seriously bad for my health. hahh yeah thats creepy when im say about health, i dont even think bout that before. lately, there's a sort of thing that always play around in my mind and its completely mess! its about "DIA". gahh  i dont know whats wrong with that guy. I mean like he's seriously trying to avoiding himself from me, from all of us. he just full of excuses now. when we ask to join us in something, he must be saying like this, " sorry, ive got something to do now, so maybe later.." or "im sorry, i cant join u all now, im run out of money bla..bla..bla.." and what so ever! u know I hate that..he's changed a lot! i mean it ! he now even dare to not replying my messages..huhh that too much. I hate when i sent a text to someone and i dont get response to it..shit! i really miss the moment when we were being a friend. a true friend. BFF.. we always hanging out when we're free,spending a few hours at mamak stall,watching movie together on offday, talking creepy bout something, talking bad bout work,talking nonsense bout our boss and we always got a plan to do thing together. but now everything changed. he dont even find me anymore. totally sad ! he dont bother to call me anyway, he dont bother to text me, he dont bother to find me and ask is everything fine to me. why?? could u please tell me what wrong with u?? what is the fucking thing that makes u became like this?? huhh..and yeah everyone see me outwardly calm, smiling at everyone and even chatting but inside i'm all unsettled and confused ! I miss him, I really do. he was a really good friend of mine. I meant it. just a friend! i dont ever think bout love between us. i do really love him as a friend and i wish we could gathering together someday..Aminn..
im pretty sure that he's not going to read this ^.^ but if he read this someday,i want to tell him this.."dude,u've changed n i hate that.pliss back to the old one like the first time i met u. LOLX.."
Im just like a crazy moron that always think bout u even though i know
u dont ever think about me even just a bit


Cik Miera said...

i think i noe who is 'him'...hohofg

CikNica said...

no, u dont know him..