Monday, September 2, 2013

What"s new?

wahhh so long i not update my blog,sumpah gila lama weyhh! but yalah, who cares?? ngeh3
so now, nisa just nak update a few things,just as a note in my life.
about 1 year tak update, ape yg boleh conclude is ME TOTALLY NEW PERSON
wee me!! hehe
ape yg lain?
so bulan april 2013,Nisa berjaya habiskan belajar di Matriculation College, alhamdulillah..glad..
and then again,back working at Secret Recipe about 3 month
sebenarnya ingat boleh stay lama kat situ, BUT there's too many things happened
so i better mmm not
second thing, Nisa rasa im lack of working experience
like u know, just kerja kat secret recipe je all this time
so what i get? position pon tak dapat, gaji sikit..sigh~~~~
I decided to find other job
as I interested in management thigy(office), so I try cari kerja in office
mula2 main2 je actually, tak sangka, that thing brought me here
I as Customer Executive ^^
takde la ape sgt, but im glad
totally glad
jumpa officemate yg gila2,so far everything is just in word AWESOME!

Mmm pasal sambung belajar, ada dapat tawaran belajar dekat UTEM
tapi Nisa rasa nak cari pengalaman kerja and then in shaa Allah, Nisa buat PJJ (pengajian jarak jauh)
sbb bagi nisa pengalaman ni sgt2 penting
tak kisah la habis belajar lambat kan, as long ada minat nak study ( as my mom said)

haha so actually tgh kerja ni, bosan kan buat trade ni
(u know what is trading is all about?)
so kalau nak tau, boleh inbox me
dah gila trade pulak dah

So till then bunch peeps!

Picture masa abang bertunang ;)

This is whereI work now ;)

Friday, December 16, 2011


Waaa lama dah x jenguk2 blog nie..hihi..Its been 3-4 month or something..
Okay,everythings was good, smooth & I do enjoy my life lately. Even though there's some sort thing that have to be done havent done yet. emm..I got an offered to Politeknik Shah Alam,Eloktronik Perubatan. Sounds good right..? At first, I decided to accept an offer there, but lepas pk balik,Im not interested with the course that have been given to me. (^_^) ape la guna kalau belajar kita x minat kan..? so I decided to keep my head up at Matriks. huhu..seriously,hard decision.
And I dont know why, sekarang da jadi rajin bersukan. Dont know. Kalau boleh, hr2 nk g bersukan. hihi.. bagus kan saya? (^_^)
I have nothing to say now. So till then. Bye..

Thursday, August 25, 2011


* Hmm~lama tak update my blog..huhu.. quite busy la since I got into Matriculation College.. there's so much thing that I want to share, but I just dont have much time..limit ! huh.. Alhamdulillah,everything was fine and smooth even though there still have some thing that I'm not satisfied of but its okay kan..? Honestly, life as matriculation student is not like rumors yg kita dok salu dengar selama nie..nk kata senang,x lah senang sgt. what the important thing is determination. huh~for me,the most hardest time at Matrculation of Negeri Sembilan is masalah air ! hahh! ye la..tmpat tu kt kawasan bukit,so air x bape nk boleh naik sgt so sometime,I mean everyday we all have to face it. Like me and my room mate, we got to wake up earlier to get bath. In around 4am, ktorang da bangun mandi. Kalau nk wake up lambat bleh,tp kene pndai2 survive lah. Pernah 1 hari tu, me and my room mate terlajak bangun dalam pkul 6,ape lg..mmg tak lah! tak ape?? tak mandi la..heheh! nevermind,who knows.....hihi.. Hah,I want to post some of my picture but since my broadband is like berok right now, so maybe next time lah. ngee~ =D

* Yes, I'm a KPOP lover. And now,I'm getting more and more into it..! just dont know why. What I know is, I'm getting more addicted to them. Of cos with my 2PM, SNSD and some of other Kpop group and celebrity. And now, I'm just finished watching a Kdrama (my girlfriend is Gumiho). Totally awesome! <3 Lee Seung Ri. =) and I'm going to watch more Kdrama (^_^) No one cant stop me.

k daa..till then folks. bye =D

~Latest Pictures of Mine~

Monday, June 20, 2011

Into The New World !

Its been a long long long time I haven't update my blog right? haha..really busy yaw with my new world, new stuff, new enviroment, new friends and everythings..! =) i mean it,my life was totally changed..hahah.. from my stress world to my blissful world..thank God! Im at Kolej Matrikulasi Negeri Sembilan..Alhamdulillah..Got a new friends,my "GILER2" roommate, my "SPORTING" classmate and everything..totally tu lah,I really2 miss my home,my siblings,my SR friends and of cos my parent..but must go on right..? study hard for a better life in future..hope everythings gonna be fine..Insya'Allah..pray for me!
Got to go now..saja nk online,release my tension sket after a hard study..(hard ke??) so,till then peeps..! Miss yah! =)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Got It !

dah lme x update blog..hihi..xde mse, plus xde broadband..huhu.. quite bosan sbb salu mlm2 msti tgk u-tube..huhu.. n now Nisa was very2 in happy mood because of two things..hehehh.. first, I got my licence..yeay! pas ni, boleh la ronda2 pusing Malaysia bandar naik kereta plak. hahahh best kot test hr tu. pakcik JPJ tu yg ajar nisa sume. nisa ikot je la.. dh la test x smpai 10 min..hihi.. best sgt..! then, trus pass. appy doe.....! Opps, alhamdulillah..

and 1 more thing is I got my XPERIA..! hahahh..klu ikotkan mmg x nk bli hp baru, tp hp lme hr tu hilang plak..huhu.. so sad! nk wat cmane kn, salah sndiri la, letak hp rata2..

actually, there's something that make me feel so sad but i dont think I should write it here..huhu..

never mind, till then !
adious ! ^.^

Monday, April 25, 2011

Yeay !

huhh...what a tiring day i've been through today. woke up 6 in the morning, then rushing to the driving centre, then going for work. syokk belajar kereta, so pasni, just waiting for JPJ test ! yuuhuuu... ermm, everything at work place seems to be fine to me now since I'm not getting involve with them anymore.I mean, Im just doing my work n go back when its end, simply and smooth. and of coz I wont talk to my SV anymore. i hate him cos he fucked all the things. tu lah masalah nyer bila org da lupa diri n gila kuasa. hmm lantak lah, i dont care anymore. n simply say, Im happier with my life now. everything fine! plus i just received a text from someone that I really really miss damn so much..its my bestfriend! EKIN. i thought she will never find me anymore after we had a lil fight last month. my heart was totally blooming when she sent a text and say she miss me and really hope we can hang out together. hihi. happiness around me now~ ^.^

and yeah..1 more thing. Seems like I already forgot him ! thank God. so now, im not interested to anyone. fact, I dont have any feeling toward everyone. its kinda weird but its okay. its good for me. so after this, im not going to looking for a boyfriend anymore,im straightly want to find my future husband..hihi.. menggelabah?? so what?? ^.^

and now, im getting more closer to my Mr.Aidiel. abg angkat shaye ^.^ sweet ! we spending our time together. giler2 gak dia, lg2 mase kitorang masuk Harvey Norman hr tu. eh, lebih2 lak dia ^.^

Thursday, April 21, 2011

its called life

Why life is being cruel to me? why it is so hard? I cant face it all alone..all I want to do now, escape myself from that hell as soon as possible, start a new life, forget everything that bothering me all this time, meet a new people, make a new friends, away from people around me now..forget all the things!!
life is not fucking easily. I need someone that can motivated me right now, someone who can gives me some positives words so that I could stand and face all this challenges. Seriously, I cant bear anymore. Its killin' me inside. I gotta be strong.
"God didn't promise day without pain, laugher without sorrow, sun without rain,
BUT He did promise strength for the day, comfort for the tears and light for the way.."

"Dont worry, its just a hurt..thats all.."

"Just stay strong.."

Monday, April 18, 2011

Enjoy ^.^

Gosh! I cant sleep! what i supposed to do right now?? LOL, i've already shut down my lappy about an hour ago, and i try to sleep but i cant! haisshh..there's a lot of thing on my mind. haiiyoo......tadi text ngan abang angkat, but suddenly he's gone. (??) tertidur kot. huhu.. gahh bored to death here. okay2, since i cant sleep, so let me update something here..hihi.. erm..2 days ago,I went to 'Tanjung Harapan" with my friends..its TANJUNG HARAPAN okay, not TANJUNG RAMBUTAN..N yeah we are having some fun, releasing our tension of working n wat so eva at the beach! totally awesome yaw. hahahh. its been a long time Im not going there so its feel like reborn..(??) hahah..

All of us + Farhana
sorry Fana, u are not in this picx..huhuhh..
err..aku x tau la pasal ape aku cam nih..hahahh..
cam terencat..kah3
pantai !

And yeay!! Next week, Abang angkat Nisa nk bawak g sini lg! bestnyerrr...... thanks Mr.Aidil.. cant wait!
hahh yah, talk about just spend my time with him just now. we had a long long long conversation at mamak stall. jadi la kan.. its pretty cool. yela..we've never been like that before. i mean, im were being his adopt in about 5 years n we never get chance to talk face to face like we did tonight. hahahh..
here u are! Mr.Aidil
oppss,,sengaja x mau tunjuk muka..karang x pasal2 pemes plak dia..hahahh..

so now, its almost 3 am. i have to get wake up earlier tomorrow. got so much things to do tomorrow..from morning to night..huwaaa..... tapi mata ni macam xde menunjukkan tanda2 nak tidur....haiiyyoo.. =,='

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lil secret

Something bothering my mind and i keep thinking about that
no one know what was that
and im not going to tell anyone about it, its not because im not trust anyone
just because no one will understand me
no one know how it felt was
im hiding my sadness