Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Shit Happen

admitted! Nisa mmg seorang yang sangat2 pelupa and careless
because I always forgot about my things
especially my keys, my handphone and my wallet
yeah..this is so me..hahah!
before this, its almost everyday I've been scolded by Kak Dhiya about this
yelah..letak je 3 bnde ni rata-rata
huhu..i dont know why..seems like I cant change it..its habit..
mse kt sekolah, member nisa, Ekin yang salu ingatkan nisa bout this 3 things
then, da kerja..akak dhiya yang salu ngatkan
but since Kak Dhiya has been gone, no one remembering me
and yeah..shits happen to me yesterday..
as usual, i got to be on work at 3.30pm but I'm just being late at that time
but xde la menggelabah pon, i'm just act like usual
then,after I parked my motorcycle, I forgot to pull out the key
till 10.30pm, when I'm on my way to go to my bike, then I realized, there's no key with me!
WTF??!! i searched it everywhere, I'm going to help department of Aeon
hopping that they were holding my key
but unfortunately, they dont have it !
feel like my world has turned dark
sitting upset on my bike, try to remember where I put the key
and there's MIRACLE..hahah!
i just dont know why, tgn Nisa tbe2 trus pegang 1 tempat kt motor tu
padahal, sebelum ni x pernah pon nak pegang kocek kecik tuh
and yeah that it is! my keys!!!
Thank God..there must be a really really really kind person who helping me out
nasib la dpt orang yang baik jumpa kunci kt moto tu
kalau dibuatnye orang jahat, mesti da jalan da moto tuh kn
huh..what a relief.....Alhamdulillah sgt2..
x tau cmane nk ckap terima kasih kt orang tu
and i believe, that person must be a really kind person and I really want to thank to him/her
but i just dont know why..yela, mne la tau sape..
what ever it is,who is the person is, I always pray that person will be always in His blessing..

*actually, ni kali kedua Nisa tggal kunci kt moto..before this, pak guard tu yang jumpe
nak amek kunci tu kt dye, kene bayar RM5 kot! haha..denda katenye..^.^


What a boring life that I've been through nowadays huhu
yelaa..since akak Dhiya dah behenti kerja ni, environment kt tempat kerja are completely changed !
I mean like everything..
huh..bosan tol..and me?? feel like I dont hve any mood to go there
hmm..what a mess!! 
 skarang ni pon da kene cut hours, mean I'm just working for 6 hour per day
derr..mne ckup duit woi..waatteerrfakk laaa mnger aku nih..
I miss kak Dhiya..
She taught me every single thing kt SR..
so sekarang yg tinggal just me and Farhana
bosan lah..ngan staff2 baru nie..hmm..
x tau cmane nak tego dorang psal something
even though I'm the senior..
I've been working there longer than them
I've met a lot of staff before them
but I just dont know cmane nak tego dorang
yela..nanti kate aku ni engkek lah, ape lah..
lantak lah..i'm just doing my work and smpai mse aku balik
I dont give a shit right..so why do I care..
hahh yes, of cos I care!

huwaaa..things was completely arent the same!
and I was totally sick with it !

I miss every single moment with u

Saturday, March 26, 2011

My 18th Birthday Party!

haha..Im just 18th LOLx!
and I really want to say is my birthday celebration on this year was totally the best that I ever had
unexpected and full of surprise!
yeah..i felt like im the most luckiest person on this world on that day..! ^.^
my birthday is actually on 14th but I decided to celebrate it with my friend in 15th
actually Nisa just nak ajak dorang makan2 kt dataran and share a moments together
apa yang wat nisa betul2 terkejut is the cake!! yeah..cake! choc mud cake!
sbb?? sbelum tu nisa ade ckp nak makan choc mud cake on my birthday
tp yela, budjet x ckup weh..so im just forget it..
haha..but mse hr tu, smpai2 je kt dataran..dorg bwak keluar semua makanan yang kitorang beli
*actually nisa yang nk beli, tp mse nk bayar, dorg lak yg kua duit..haishh..
everything act like usual, no one talk bout it till one part
kawan nisa ajak nisa g satu tempat, jauh dr dorg..nisa ikot je lah..
but suddenly, someone closed my eye and I feel like WHAT IS IT??!! 
bila nisa bukak mata, wahhh!!! MY CHOC MUD CAKE!! 
I was totally surprise!!
they sang a song to me, and feel so special ! hahah..
i couldn't say anything, speechless! just keep saying thank u again and again..huhu..
then we are enjoying our moments, laughing, laughing and launging!
tah bila mse korang plan sume2 ni..huhu..
and this year, ramai sangat yang wish kt Nisa
and the most important, I got 5 birthday cake for this year!
dont be jelous okay?? haha..

this is my SECRET RECIPE friends..
thanks to all of you!!

 thanks for the cake guys!
 haa..ni mse 14th march at BOSTON restaurant
celebrating with my Kak Dhiya and Fana
 that is my special cake..my 1st birthday cake..!
sbb ape special?? sbb dye buat sndiri cake ni nk kasi kt nisa.. ^.^

 my 2nd Birthday cake from Kak Dhiya and Fana..
 that it is! my 3rd bithday cake! choc mud! 
thanks to all my Secret Recipe team..!! 
 my 4th birthday cake..from my supervisor..Jeff Tan.. ^.^
 my 5th birthday cake from my Ex-supervisor..JJ Kua.. <3
thanks to both of u..! I love u all so much!!
i got a birthday present from them, and that thing,is the thing that i really2 want b4 this.. ^_^

to all my secret recipe member, I would like to say thank you to all of u for this surprise and happiness!
you are all appreciated guys!
I love all of u!
thanks cos make me feel i'm the luckiest person ever
cos having a friends like u guys.. ^.^

Thursday, March 24, 2011

I'm sorry..i cant be perfect

I just want to say that im really sorry to both my mum and dad
i know they're not reading this but this is sincerely from my heart
im sorry cos im just broken your heart
im sorry cos i cant give u happiness even just a bit
im sorry that i keep troubling both u in this 18 years
im sorry that i can give u the best result as u want..as u really really want..
i've already tried my best, but im just cant..im sorry..
im sorry cos make both of u embarrassed with my result
3A's was totally embarrassing, i know
im sorry cos make both of u embarrassed for having a daughter like me
i sincerely apologize n i wish i could knelt to the ground n ask for your forgiveness
im really really sorry 
u may hate me mak, abah because of my stupidness
but im just really really sorry
im not a good daughter of yours
maybe this is what im deserve, for my behavior toward u all this time
im sorry that i cant be such a perfect daughter as u wanted
i just want u to know that i always loves u mak,abah
and im really sorry cos i keep disappointing u
although u never express it in word, i still can see it on your face

"I'm sorry, I cant be perfect,
now its just too late
now I cant go back
I sorry, I cant be perfect.."

I hate myself for not being such a good daughter of yours
I hate myself for being like this
all I can say now is Im sorry although i know it couldn't change anything

With tears :  from your useless daughter..

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Full of hatred

You are just being so nice with me
you treat me like im the only girl that u seek in every crowd
you treat me like im the most important person in your life..

Now, i know what kind of person you are
Now, im just cant stop my feeling to hate you
Now, im trying to forget you
im trying to getting away from you
cos im started to hate you..
im just full of hatred now..
remember my dear, once I hate u, it'll last forever..

im gonna treat u like nothings happen
like im not hurt at all
like i dont really care bout u..

Friday, March 11, 2011

mess up

Well..my life was totally mess up in this few days..
huhh..too many problem to be settle down..
semua msalah ni wat ak rse down sgt2
especially when its about FRIENDSHIP..but its okay..
maybe she just dont understand me what kind of situation im having right now..
so im just let her go with her decision without knowing that im having the most hard time now 
tak ade bnde ak nk explain pd dia and that it is
we are making our own way
of cos i was totally sad becoz yeahh u know
she was a good friend of mine of cos
and im spending almost all my time with her before this..
but its okay, maybe it'll be the best thing for her life..perhaps..
aku x salahkn dia cos she doesnt know anything..
ok done with her and now im talking bout someone else
haha..he also give me heartache!
but now, everythings has been fixed and i dont want to talk bout it anymore..
haha..ble pk blik,cam nk gelak guling2..
cbe la bygkn..we are fighting just becos one stupid reason..immature! haha..
selain tu, byk g masalh aku..
its bout family and i dont think i should write bout it here
its too privacy.. ^.^

hah yups..ade satu masalah yg betul2 myakitkan pale otak ak!
its bout someone yg x suda2 mengganggu aku since aku kt skola rendah g
wat the hell la with this guys..?? fanatic with me?? derr..buta ke ape..
huhh..and now dia da tau ak kerja kt mne and gila dia da mnjd blik
bygkan la we, boleh plak dye tunggu ak hr2 kt tmpat keje..lalu lalang kt situ..adooii
lalu lalang aku boleh tahan g
masalahny tiap kali dye lalu, dia akan tukar baju..WTF??
and most worst thing is, dia siap mintak kerja lg kt c2..WTH??
luckily, supervisor aku ckp, we are full already..fuhh..
ade gak manusia cam ni?? 

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Can't let you go, even if I die

Regardless of the age, it all hurts the same
Regardless of how young you are, we all know and feel pain

Why did you lie that everything will be ok?
The broken heart doesn't get repaired easily
How will I live without you, so...

Even if I die, I can't let you go
How could I let you go if you're planning to leave
Then fix my heart so I can at least live on painlessly
If you can't, then since I wouldn't be able to live
I can't let you go even if I die

No matter how much you push me away, I will hold on to you till the end
So you won't be able to go anywhere

If you are really leaving, then lie
Let's meet tomorrow and meet with a smile
Then say that you were joking about breaking up if not then...

Even if I die, I can't let you go
How could I let you go if you're planning to leave
Then fix my heart so I can at least live on painlessly
If you can't, then since I wouldn't be able to live
I can't let you go even if I die

We spent so much time together
But how could I live alone now?
I can't do that, I can't

Even if I die, I can't let you go, I really can't let you go
If you're planning to leave, then fix my heart
so I can at least live on painlessly
If you can't, then since I wouldn't be able to live
I can't let you go even if I die

By : 2AM
I love this song damn so much! <3


i want to sleep but i just cant get enough with my blog..hahahh..
yeahh..what i really want to say is im just so happy with mylife now..alhamdulillah..
my parent,my siblings and my friends..
they are all make my life complete !
i love all of them more than word that i could say..^.^

cerita cerita

Wow! its been a very long long long time i havent update my blog..yeah..im just get busy with my work and what so eva..huhh.. i dont even have much time for myself..okay??
actually Nisa pon x taw nk story ape kt blog ni, tu pasal la lme x update
today is my offday..err nope, actually its more to PONTENG ! tbe2 rse cam xde mud nk g keje..hahahh..
so,its almost 12am in the morning now..i have get wake up early in the morning but i didnt get sleep yet..
i just cant get enough with my facebook and youtube
Nisa sndiri pon x taw ape yang best sgt ngn facebook tuh,tp asyik nk dok mgadap bnde tu je..WTH..
hahh, talk about youtube..i was wondering tah bape banyak la video yang ade kt youtube tu
mesti berjuta-juta kn..perrghh..
and for me, video yang salu dok cari is about K-POP
hahahh..not all..just more to SNSD & 2PM
korang tau..?? yeah, i know..bukan sume layan k-pop kn
ade yang siap kutuk2 ag sape yang minat k-pop..huhh..WTH la dowg ni..
each person have different interest rite, so plis la respect each other..
haha..emo disitu..!
 let me show u who is 2PM
tadaaaaa  !!

OMG! they are super damn cute,isnt it?? huhh..
oppss, dont get me wrong..thats not the only point why im crazy bout them..
its about MUSIC 
nisa mmg ske gler ngn sume lagu2 dowg..best gler doe sume..
plus dgn dancing dowg yang power, mmg pergghh..perfect choreography!
and the most important yang wat nisa fell in love with them is the differences in each performance of them
means like xde la bnde yang same je..msti ade yang lain and bnde tu of cos unexpected and gempak!
but unfortunately, now they only got 6 members in their group
their leader is eliminated from that group..sbb?? pnjg cte nye..korg tanya la kt uncle yahoo..okay?

and now lets talk about SNSD..yeay!
err.. i dont have much to say about them
just to say that I LOVE SNSD so much! hahahh..

cantik kn?? huhh..kinda jeles rite now..hahahh..
dowg adalah kumpulan wanita yg paling berpengaruh di Korea
and they have a lot of fans around the world ! 
haishh..kalau nk stori satu2 pasal dowg ni mmg tak abis la..mau malatop lappy ak..huhh..

wahh.....im kinda sleepy rite now...
i better go now..huhuhh..