Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Its almost 4 in the morning n I cant sleep! I dont go for work today. U know, it make me sick! gahh..but i still have to go to work tomorrow. bloody hell! everything fucked up n i hate that. so today, i just stay at home, wasting my time infront of lappy with the internet stuff, facebook, blog n of cos youtube. i spent almost my time for watching vid of AnwarHadi. the guy tht I adore so much..hahahh!then, i met my friend, having a chat, went for the shopping (its not really shopping), supper and yeah something bothering me when they start mention his name. ohh God..whats wrong with me?! im such a moron. why is he always be in my mind. why I should think about him? why on the earth i know him? i am tired of feeling worthless..while he does not take any point of me. huhh. oky enough, lets forget about it. im just really worried about tomorrow. how my life would be tomorrow. i maybe escape it today, but not tomorrow, not forever right? i have to face it not run from it. hahh yeah talking is more easier than acting..hmm..
*sigh enough......now im going to take a glass of water, then go to bed, close my eye, dreaming and forget all the rubbish and wish everything is going as i wanted..positive..zZzZzZz..so till then folks..daaa


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