Saturday, April 2, 2011


well~~ this is the time i have to make a decision..
gahh..i hate when i have to choose! 
hah but this is what we called life, complicated life..
I've already checked at each university what course are most suitable for me base on my SPM result
yeah..that it is..TESL !!
i love TESL !! i love english !
TESL is stand for "Teaching English as Secondary Language"
haha..semua U nisa layak dapat cos ni
since I got A for my English..
i really want to learn english deeply, so that i wish i could speak in english more fluently 
so probably, i'm going to take TESL ^.^

but hmm..on the other hand, I was thinking to take Bank Management course
I love this course too instead of TESL..
hmm so how?? 
TESL or Bank Management??
 argh..headache! kinda sleepy right eye were sore, my back were aching..
and i feel like crazy dumb ass in front of my lappy
gotta to wake up earlier tomorrow for work and was about going for movie at the night with friend
so i better get sleep now, get some rest, gain some energy for tomorrow
huh..but as usual before I get on my bed,i gonna read my english novel first
"Can You Keep a Secret by Sophie Kinsella"
very hilarious! ^.^
this novel has been given by someone for my birthday present.. ^.^
i'll show u the novel..tadaaaa!!

and yeah..since I've got my salary for this month,I was going about to buy another novel
another delicious good tale from Sophie Kinsella! taadaa! 

so, till then yups..daaaaaaa ^.^

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