Tuesday, March 8, 2011

cerita cerita

Wow! its been a very long long long time i havent update my blog..yeah..im just get busy with my work and what so eva..huhh.. i dont even have much time for myself..okay??
actually Nisa pon x taw nk story ape kt blog ni, tu pasal la lme x update
today is my offday..err nope, actually its more to PONTENG ! tbe2 rse cam xde mud nk g keje..hahahh..
so,its almost 12am in the morning now..i have get wake up early in the morning but i didnt get sleep yet..
i just cant get enough with my facebook and youtube
Nisa sndiri pon x taw ape yang best sgt ngn facebook tuh,tp asyik nk dok mgadap bnde tu je..WTH..
hahh, talk about youtube..i was wondering tah bape banyak la video yang ade kt youtube tu
mesti berjuta-juta kn..perrghh..
and for me, video yang salu dok cari is about K-POP
hahahh..not all..just more to SNSD & 2PM
korang tau..?? yeah, i know..bukan sume layan k-pop kn
ade yang siap kutuk2 ag sape yang minat k-pop..huhh..WTH la dowg ni..
each person have different interest rite, so plis la respect each other..
haha..emo disitu..!
 let me show u who is 2PM
tadaaaaa  !!

OMG! they are super damn cute,isnt it?? huhh..
oppss, dont get me wrong..thats not the only point why im crazy bout them..
its about MUSIC 
nisa mmg ske gler ngn sume lagu2 dowg..best gler doe sume..
plus dgn dancing dowg yang power, mmg pergghh..perfect choreography!
and the most important yang wat nisa fell in love with them is the differences in each performance of them
means like xde la bnde yang same je..msti ade yang lain and bnde tu of cos unexpected and gempak!
but unfortunately, now they only got 6 members in their group
their leader is eliminated from that group..sbb?? pnjg cte nye..korg tanya la kt uncle yahoo..okay?

and now lets talk about SNSD..yeay!
err.. i dont have much to say about them
just to say that I LOVE SNSD so much! hahahh..

cantik kn?? huhh..kinda jeles rite now..hahahh..
dowg adalah kumpulan wanita yg paling berpengaruh di Korea
and they have a lot of fans around the world ! 
haishh..kalau nk stori satu2 pasal dowg ni mmg tak abis la..mau malatop lappy ak..huhh..

wahh.....im kinda sleepy rite now...
i better go now..huhuhh.. 

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