Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Shit Happen

admitted! Nisa mmg seorang yang sangat2 pelupa and careless
because I always forgot about my things
especially my keys, my handphone and my wallet
yeah..this is so me..hahah!
before this, its almost everyday I've been scolded by Kak Dhiya about this
yelah..letak je 3 bnde ni rata-rata
huhu..i dont know why..seems like I cant change it..its habit..
mse kt sekolah, member nisa, Ekin yang salu ingatkan nisa bout this 3 things
then, da kerja..akak dhiya yang salu ngatkan
but since Kak Dhiya has been gone, no one remembering me
and yeah..shits happen to me yesterday..
as usual, i got to be on work at 3.30pm but I'm just being late at that time
but xde la menggelabah pon, i'm just act like usual
then,after I parked my motorcycle, I forgot to pull out the key
till 10.30pm, when I'm on my way to go to my bike, then I realized, there's no key with me!
WTF??!! i searched it everywhere, I'm going to help department of Aeon
hopping that they were holding my key
but unfortunately, they dont have it !
feel like my world has turned dark
sitting upset on my bike, try to remember where I put the key
and there's MIRACLE..hahah!
i just dont know why, tgn Nisa tbe2 trus pegang 1 tempat kt motor tu
padahal, sebelum ni x pernah pon nak pegang kocek kecik tuh
and yeah that it is! my keys!!!
Thank God..there must be a really really really kind person who helping me out
nasib la dpt orang yang baik jumpa kunci kt moto tu
kalau dibuatnye orang jahat, mesti da jalan da moto tuh kn
huh..what a relief.....Alhamdulillah sgt2..
x tau cmane nk ckap terima kasih kt orang tu
and i believe, that person must be a really kind person and I really want to thank to him/her
but i just dont know why..yela, mne la tau sape..
what ever it is,who is the person is, I always pray that person will be always in His blessing..

*actually, ni kali kedua Nisa tggal kunci kt moto..before this, pak guard tu yang jumpe
nak amek kunci tu kt dye, kene bayar RM5 kot! haha..denda katenye..^.^

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Cik Miera said...

ko mmg pelupa...kuat makan semut kot..