Saturday, March 26, 2011

My 18th Birthday Party!

haha..Im just 18th LOLx!
and I really want to say is my birthday celebration on this year was totally the best that I ever had
unexpected and full of surprise!
yeah..i felt like im the most luckiest person on this world on that day..! ^.^
my birthday is actually on 14th but I decided to celebrate it with my friend in 15th
actually Nisa just nak ajak dorang makan2 kt dataran and share a moments together
apa yang wat nisa betul2 terkejut is the cake!! yeah..cake! choc mud cake!
sbb?? sbelum tu nisa ade ckp nak makan choc mud cake on my birthday
tp yela, budjet x ckup im just forget it..
haha..but mse hr tu, smpai2 je kt dataran..dorg bwak keluar semua makanan yang kitorang beli
*actually nisa yang nk beli, tp mse nk bayar, dorg lak yg kua duit..haishh..
everything act like usual, no one talk bout it till one part
kawan nisa ajak nisa g satu tempat, jauh dr dorg..nisa ikot je lah..
but suddenly, someone closed my eye and I feel like WHAT IS IT??!! 
bila nisa bukak mata, wahhh!!! MY CHOC MUD CAKE!! 
I was totally surprise!!
they sang a song to me, and feel so special ! hahah..
i couldn't say anything, speechless! just keep saying thank u again and again..huhu..
then we are enjoying our moments, laughing, laughing and launging!
tah bila mse korang plan sume2 ni..huhu..
and this year, ramai sangat yang wish kt Nisa
and the most important, I got 5 birthday cake for this year!
dont be jelous okay?? haha..

this is my SECRET RECIPE friends..
thanks to all of you!!

 thanks for the cake guys! mse 14th march at BOSTON restaurant
celebrating with my Kak Dhiya and Fana
 that is my special 1st birthday cake..!
sbb ape special?? sbb dye buat sndiri cake ni nk kasi kt nisa.. ^.^

 my 2nd Birthday cake from Kak Dhiya and Fana..
 that it is! my 3rd bithday cake! choc mud! 
thanks to all my Secret Recipe team..!! 
 my 4th birthday cake..from my supervisor..Jeff Tan.. ^.^
 my 5th birthday cake from my Ex-supervisor..JJ Kua.. <3
thanks to both of u..! I love u all so much!!
i got a birthday present from them, and that thing,is the thing that i really2 want b4 this.. ^_^

to all my secret recipe member, I would like to say thank you to all of u for this surprise and happiness!
you are all appreciated guys!
I love all of u!
thanks cos make me feel i'm the luckiest person ever
cos having a friends like u guys.. ^.^

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