Thursday, March 24, 2011

I'm sorry..i cant be perfect

I just want to say that im really sorry to both my mum and dad
i know they're not reading this but this is sincerely from my heart
im sorry cos im just broken your heart
im sorry cos i cant give u happiness even just a bit
im sorry that i keep troubling both u in this 18 years
im sorry that i can give u the best result as u u really really want..
i've already tried my best, but im just sorry..
im sorry cos make both of u embarrassed with my result
3A's was totally embarrassing, i know
im sorry cos make both of u embarrassed for having a daughter like me
i sincerely apologize n i wish i could knelt to the ground n ask for your forgiveness
im really really sorry 
u may hate me mak, abah because of my stupidness
but im just really really sorry
im not a good daughter of yours
maybe this is what im deserve, for my behavior toward u all this time
im sorry that i cant be such a perfect daughter as u wanted
i just want u to know that i always loves u mak,abah
and im really sorry cos i keep disappointing u
although u never express it in word, i still can see it on your face

"I'm sorry, I cant be perfect,
now its just too late
now I cant go back
I sorry, I cant be perfect.."

I hate myself for not being such a good daughter of yours
I hate myself for being like this
all I can say now is Im sorry although i know it couldn't change anything

With tears :  from your useless daughter..

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Cik Miera said...

nk nyesal pun xguna dol...sape soh men2...haha..
bengang x ngan komen aku..wahaha