Tuesday, March 29, 2011


What a boring life that I've been through nowadays huhu
yelaa..since akak Dhiya dah behenti kerja ni, environment kt tempat kerja are completely changed !
I mean like everything..
huh..bosan tol..and me?? feel like I dont hve any mood to go there
hmm..what a mess!! 
 skarang ni pon da kene cut hours, mean I'm just working for 6 hour per day
derr..mne ckup duit woi..waatteerrfakk laaa mnger aku nih..
I miss kak Dhiya..
She taught me every single thing kt SR..
so sekarang yg tinggal just me and Farhana
bosan lah..ngan staff2 baru nie..hmm..
x tau cmane nak tego dorang psal something
even though I'm the senior..
I've been working there longer than them
I've met a lot of staff before them
but I just dont know cmane nak tego dorang
yela..nanti kate aku ni engkek lah, ape lah..
lantak lah..i'm just doing my work and smpai mse aku balik
I dont give a shit right..so why do I care..
hahh yes, of cos I care!

huwaaa..things was completely arent the same!
and I was totally sick with it !

I miss every single moment with u

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