Friday, March 11, 2011

mess up life was totally mess up in this few days..
huhh..too many problem to be settle down..
semua msalah ni wat ak rse down sgt2
especially when its about FRIENDSHIP..but its okay..
maybe she just dont understand me what kind of situation im having right now..
so im just let her go with her decision without knowing that im having the most hard time now 
tak ade bnde ak nk explain pd dia and that it is
we are making our own way
of cos i was totally sad becoz yeahh u know
she was a good friend of mine of cos
and im spending almost all my time with her before this..
but its okay, maybe it'll be the best thing for her life..perhaps..
aku x salahkn dia cos she doesnt know anything..
ok done with her and now im talking bout someone else
haha..he also give me heartache!
but now, everythings has been fixed and i dont want to talk bout it anymore..
haha..ble pk blik,cam nk gelak guling2..
cbe la bygkn..we are fighting just becos one stupid reason..immature! haha..
selain tu, byk g masalh aku..
its bout family and i dont think i should write bout it here
its too privacy.. ^.^

hah yups..ade satu masalah yg betul2 myakitkan pale otak ak!
its bout someone yg x suda2 mengganggu aku since aku kt skola rendah g
wat the hell la with this guys..?? fanatic with me?? derr..buta ke ape..
huhh..and now dia da tau ak kerja kt mne and gila dia da mnjd blik
bygkan la we, boleh plak dye tunggu ak hr2 kt tmpat keje..lalu lalang kt situ..adooii
lalu lalang aku boleh tahan g
masalahny tiap kali dye lalu, dia akan tukar baju..WTF??
and most worst thing is, dia siap mintak kerja lg kt c2..WTH??
luckily, supervisor aku ckp, we are full already..fuhh..
ade gak manusia cam ni?? 

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