Friday, December 16, 2011


Waaa lama dah x jenguk2 blog nie..hihi..Its been 3-4 month or something..
Okay,everythings was good, smooth & I do enjoy my life lately. Even though there's some sort thing that have to be done havent done yet. emm..I got an offered to Politeknik Shah Alam,Eloktronik Perubatan. Sounds good right..? At first, I decided to accept an offer there, but lepas pk balik,Im not interested with the course that have been given to me. (^_^) ape la guna kalau belajar kita x minat kan..? so I decided to keep my head up at Matriks. huhu..seriously,hard decision.
And I dont know why, sekarang da jadi rajin bersukan. Dont know. Kalau boleh, hr2 nk g bersukan. hihi.. bagus kan saya? (^_^)
I have nothing to say now. So till then. Bye..


Cik Miera said...

ko kn gemok

cik eM said...

i think u made a good decision. one of my friend thinking quit study in 4th semester,she still have a year before u said, if we dont interet in what we doing, thing wont work out like it suppose to be...