Thursday, August 25, 2011


* Hmm~lama tak update my blog..huhu.. quite busy la since I got into Matriculation College.. there's so much thing that I want to share, but I just dont have much time..limit ! huh.. Alhamdulillah,everything was fine and smooth even though there still have some thing that I'm not satisfied of but its okay kan..? Honestly, life as matriculation student is not like rumors yg kita dok salu dengar selama nie..nk kata senang,x lah senang sgt. what the important thing is determination. huh~for me,the most hardest time at Matrculation of Negeri Sembilan is masalah air ! hahh! ye la..tmpat tu kt kawasan bukit,so air x bape nk boleh naik sgt so sometime,I mean everyday we all have to face it. Like me and my room mate, we got to wake up earlier to get bath. In around 4am, ktorang da bangun mandi. Kalau nk wake up lambat bleh,tp kene pndai2 survive lah. Pernah 1 hari tu, me and my room mate terlajak bangun dalam pkul 6,ape lg..mmg tak lah! tak ape?? tak mandi la..heheh! nevermind,who knows.....hihi.. Hah,I want to post some of my picture but since my broadband is like berok right now, so maybe next time lah. ngee~ =D

* Yes, I'm a KPOP lover. And now,I'm getting more and more into it..! just dont know why. What I know is, I'm getting more addicted to them. Of cos with my 2PM, SNSD and some of other Kpop group and celebrity. And now, I'm just finished watching a Kdrama (my girlfriend is Gumiho). Totally awesome! <3 Lee Seung Ri. =) and I'm going to watch more Kdrama (^_^) No one cant stop me.

k daa..till then folks. bye =D

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Nafisah Ruslan said...

i love k-pop too.. 24:7. hahaha
comel blog nih.. :D